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About Rachel Fior

Rachel Fior designs fine jewellery and curates homeware.

 - Rachel Fior jewellery is designed by Rachel Feibusch. From drawing the designs to hand-painting enamel and setting the last diamond, each Rachel Fior piece is perfected by highly skilled artisans.


- Rachel Fior homeware is all hand-sourced by Rachel on her travels. She sources from independent artisans creating homeware across Europe. Each piece is selected for its craftsmanship, character and originality.

Email with any questions.

About Rachel

Rachel Feibusch founded her business in 2020, curating beautiful works of art and jewellery. In 2023, Rachel launched her own jewellery designs alongside her bespoke fine jewellery service. 

With a First-Class BA (Hons) from Condé Nast College, Rachel has worked at Net-A-Porter in the jewellery buying department, Debonnaire in jewellery, home and fashion retail and digital management, Finematter in jewellery partnerships and as an independent jewellery, branding and marketing consultant. 



Rachel Fior's designer

Previously 'Bij Fior', Rachel has updated her business name to 'Rachel Fior' to highlight the personal touch she adds to all of her work.

Old High German


Meaning, 'four'.

Four represents wholeness. Four elements, four corners of the world, four seasons - jewellery and art is beauty borrowed from the earth.

Behind The Name

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Ethics & Sustainability

All our products are created ethically and sustainably. 

We source all our gemstones and diamonds (lab grown and mined) from trusted, ethical suppliers. All of our bespoke jewellery is made by certified, highly-regarded goldsmiths and craftspeople in the heart of Hatton Garden, London. All our gold is recycled and a tree is planted for every order.

Rachel Fior takes pride in packaging sustainability, using recyclable materials and no unnecessary waste.

At the heart of Rachel Fior, we desire to promote mindful and slow consumption, with fine jewellery and homeware to last a lifetime.

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